Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Questions about the Functioning of CalGrow

CalGrow is a tool that captures and digitizes agricultural data through modules such as Caliber, Count, Weight, Sugar, Firmness, and Color. Data are collected using an instrument appropriate for the module, such as a digital caliper, scale, pressure meter, etc. All these devices are connected via Bluetooth to the mobile app. This app captures data in offline mode, allowing connectivity anywhere. Once an internet connection is available, the data are synchronized and sent to the web platform, where they will be analyzed by users.

The app is used to easily capture data in the field. This can be done by scanning the QR code of the plant or entering it manually. If you use the QR code, the plant data is automatically selected, and you proceed to take the measurement so that the corresponding data is received. This operation can be performed using an Android phone or smartphone and can be used in offline mode. Data are taken and stored locally until they connect to WiFi and sync all information. Once synchronized, the Web platform can be reviewed with all the captured data and analyzed through charts, which will be selected according to the information desired.

Data are reviewed and managed on our web platform. Access to centralized information is provided, and complete charts and reports are displayed. The user can determine the view of the information according to the data needed to be reviewed.

Yes, the app can be accessed from an Android phone or smartphone for data collection. On a computer or tablet, you can access the web platform.

CalGrow is compatible with mobile devices running Android or iOS operating systems for data collection (which can be done even offline). As for the web platform, it is accessible from any operating system. This versatility allows you not only to collect data in the field but also to analyze statistics and processed data on the web platform. 

Yes, you can export your data from the web platform, which will allow you to perform additional analyses if necessary. Additionally, you can upload data to complement the information you have gathered.

Modules are chosen based on the size and needs of your field. It will depend on the number of fields and sectors you have to determine the plan that best fits. This subscription ensures fair payment for what is used, while also considering a low cost.

Yes, you can customize the charts and reports according to your preferences to display the information in a way that is most relevant to your field. You can choose whether you want to see growth charts, distribution charts, or weekly growth rates. You can also decide if you want to view them by seasons, full bloom, or weekly.

Yes, you can compare data from different species, seasons, and sectors on the platform.

Questions about Service and Support

Yes, we support you throughout the onboarding process for optimal use of both the mobile and web applications.

We offer technical support to resolve any issues or questions you may have while using the platform and the application. Support is provided throughout the entire process, before, during, and after the service is contracted.

Questions about Data Security and Privacy

Yes, we maintain strict security measures to protect your data and ensure its confidentiality.

CalGrow ensures the privacy and security of your agricultural data with a robust protection system. When a device, such as a mobile phone or computer, connects to our servers via a web browser or an application, secure communication is established using the HTTPS protocol. This protocol ensures that any data transmitted from your device to the CalGrow server is done through secure, authenticated routes with a security certificate.Additionally, data is encrypted during transmission. This means that the information is transformed into a code that can only be interpreted by the server and the client, ensuring that only authorized parties can access it. Our servers are equipped with SSL (Secure Sockets Layer), a global standard security technology that allows encrypted data transfer over the Internet, ensuring that your records and personal data are protected at all times.Regarding data ownership, the data always belong to the client. CalGrow values and respects the trust placed in us, so the use of your data for analytical or service improvement purposes is done anonymously and only with your authorization. This practice allows us to continuously improve our services while always respecting and maintaining the privacy of our users' information.

The collected data are securely stored in the cloud, facilitating access and management from anywhere. However, you also have the option to export this data for analysis in other programs as per your convenience. In cases where data collection occurs offline, the data will be sent to the cloud once internet access is available.

Questions about the Advantages and Benefits of CalGrow

Digitization simplifies the collection and analysis of data, enabling you to make informed decisions to optimize production and improve the quality of your crops. It also allows for efficient and error-free data recording. It solves complex measurements by using devices that transmit data quickly and efficiently. This enables a faster and more cost-effective process for the company.

The collection and analysis of accurate data help you optimize key factors to improve the quality of your crops, such as size, color, and firmness. With recorded data, you can anticipate whether your crop is doing well or if it needs intervention to meet size goals.

Seasonal comparison allows you to identify trends over time, which helps in making more informed decisions for future harvests.

CalGrow stands out for its focus on data digitization in the field, ease of use, and customization of modules according to the needs of each farmer. It is an efficient tool for data collection since it can operate offline, allowing it to be used anywhere, even without an internet connection. It also reduces operational costs, making it a low-cost tool.

Questions about Contracting and Plans for CalGrow

Yes, you can cancel your subscription at any time according to the terms of the contract.

The registration process is simple. You need to visit the website and select the modules you need based on the size of your field. Follow all the instructions to complete your subscription contract process.

CalGrow offers a variety of subscription plans. The free plan is ideal for beginners in agricultural digitization, allowing management of one field and one module of choice. The Basic plan is designed for small operations, while the Multi-Fields plan is suited to medium-sized operations with more fields and functionalities. For large companies or exporters, the Exporter plan provides full access to all of CalGrow's tools and functionalities, including advanced reporting and API. All plans come with a 20% discount on annual subscriptions.  

There are no specific discounts for large agricultural operations or cooperatives beyond the 20% discount offered on annual billing. The "Exporter" plan is the most suitable option for large operations, providing unlimited access to all platform functionalities.  

At the end of the free trial, access to the platform is revoked, but no automatic charges are made. To continue using CalGrow, you will need to opt for one of our subscription options.  

Other Questions

CalGrow is available to users in various geographical locations. Contact us to verify if we operate in your region.

CalGrow is designed to be easily operable without advanced technical knowledge. It can be operated manually or with instruments. For example, the caliber can be connected via Bluetooth to a digital caliper to send data automatically, but data can also be entered manually. We offer brief training to facilitate its use, and although it is not necessary to have our specific devices, we provide compatible options for measuring weight, firmness, and sugar, all with the possibility of Bluetooth connection for efficient data transmission.  

No special equipment is needed; CalGrow is compatible with the measurement instruments you already use in your daily work, such as scales and sugar meters. If these devices have Bluetooth, they can be integrated directly with our platform for automatic data transmission, or you can enter their data manually. Either way, we offer our specialized tools in case you do not have them 

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